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Top 5 Games To Watch On MyCujoo (June 1 - 2)

Contra Costa FC hosts Pajaro Valley United for in the battle for the first place of Wild West Division
Published May 31, 2019


Boise Cutthroats FC (6-0-3) vs San Juan FC (9-1-1)

The Idaho Derby has always been one of the must-watch games in the UPSL in the last several seasons. Landing in the 4th place of Mountain Conference after 9 games is not the result Boise Cutthroats wants, and they need a win over San Juan to move up on the table. Meanwhile, the outstanding offense with 53 goals after 11 games has put San Juan FC on top of the conference. However, Utah Murcielagos is right behind them with just 2 points less, so if they lose any point in this match, their current standings may be changed.

Watch the game live at 2 PM MT


Nevada Coyotes FC (4-1-2) vs Jasa RWC (4-2-2)

The champions and runners-up of 2018 Fall Season Wild West Division have not had a good run so far as they are in the 4th and 5th place on the table. However, whenever Nevada Coyotes and Jasa RWC take on each other, it always a must-watch match as they are the top teams in this division. Jasa RWC has just stopped the winning streak of Contra Costa with a 3-0 win while Nevada Coyotes has scored 24 goals this season, the second-best record in the Wild West with only one goal less than Pajaro Valley United.

Watch the game live at 4 PM PT


Rochester FC (3-1-0) vs Vlora City FC (5-0-0)

Another battle for the top spot of the table, this one is in Midwest Conference – West Division. Both teams are in good positions after the first half of the season. Rochester FC is still undefeated while Vlora City is dominating the division as they have scored 25 goals and only allowed 3. Rochester FC with the home advantage is looking to stop that dominance. On the other side, another win will cement the first place of Vlora City FC.

Watch the game live at 7 PM ET


Samba FC San Antonio (4-0-3) vs FC Waco (8-1-0)

In the first matchup of this season between Samba FC SA and FC Waco, both teams dedicated such a high-level soccer with 10 goals were scored, some of them were nominated for #UPSLGOTW. FC Waco is having the best record in the Central Conference. They are also the only one undefeated in the conference, making them the team to beat. Samba FC looks to stop that streak and give FC Waco a revenge for their 6-4 loss in the first match.

Watch the game live at 7 PM CT


Contra Costa FC (7-0-1) vs Pajaro Valley United (6-1-1)

It is the match to decide who will stay on top of Wild West Division. Contra Costa FC’s winning streak has been stopped as they were defeated by Jasa RWC last weekend. It was a tough loss, but the team has no time to think about it as they are now heading to one of the most important game this season. Interestingly, Pajaro Vally United’s only loss so far is to Jasa RWC, and it was also a 3-0 loss. However, PV United won three games after that and managed to tie 1-1 to Jasa RWC in their last match two weeks ago. The problem with PV United is their defense as they have allowed goals in every game this season. Meanwhile, Contra Costa FC is having the best defense in the Wild West.

Watch the game live at 6 PM PT


Other top games to watch on MyCujoo

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Lowcountry United FC vs Soda City FC – Watch the game live at 7 PM ET on Saturday, June 1

San Juan FC vs Utah Murcielagos – Watch the game live at 12 AM MT on Sunday, June 2

Texas Spurs vs FC Denton – Watch the game live at 2 PM CT on Sunday, June 2

Miami United FC vs Miami AC – Watch the game live at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday June 2